ComputerWorld Release Cyber-Security White Paper

The risk of cyber-attacks to businesses of all sizes is ever increasing and is now more focused and intelligent than before. Attacks are now targeting your data and ultimately your money. Microsoft state that on average it takes more than 200 days to detect a security breach and a further 80 days to contain it!  Businesses need to become more aware and educated around the risks that face them and how to prevent them however this urgency is overlooked by a large number of organisations. 

Allianz insurance create a risk barometer each year. The 2016 report indicates that cyber inceidents have increased over 25%, making cyber security one of the top 3 risks posed to businesses, above natural causes and theft. 

We have written a White Paper on Cyber Security. Download the whitepaper to understand the risks that your business face and how to mitigate them.  

Below see a summary of our White Paper in an infographic format: