ComputerWorld drives attendees into the future of Dell and VMware technology

This week ComputerWorld held an event in partnership with Dell and VMware with the aim to help attendees understand how to architect their network and security solutions to keep up with the demands and risks encountered by businesses today. With a clear, streamlined focus on Dell Networking and VMware NSX technologies, the event welcomed  40 guests. 

The event was held at the award winning Williams F1 conference centre. The attendees also had the opportunity to look round the largest collection of Formula 1 cars in the world and drive a Formula 1 simulator. 

The event started with an introduction by ComputerWorld's Operations Director and vExpert, Barry Coombs. Barry set the scene for the day, giving an insightful look into the industry trends within virtualisation, business continuity and security. Barry discussed the pressure the business places on IT and the importance of ensuring that your network architecture is able to deliver a secure, flexible layer to the modern applications that users demand whilst protecting the business against the major threat of cyber attacks. Download our Cyber-security white paper for more information. 

Our first keynote presentation was delivered by Dominique Vanhamme, Dell Networking EMEA Director. Dominique delivered a reflective presentation with a Formula 1 theme, reflecting on how far F1 cars have come with the advancements of technology and comparing this to advancements in networking technology. Dell are seen as the market leaders in open networking, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging technology that is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable, making it ideal for the high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of today's applications. This architecture decouples the network control and forwarding functions enabling the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services.

Dell Networking have ensured that all of their enterprise switches support Open Networking, so businesses can run their choice of networking operating system and applications on their switches combined with Dell's leading networking hardware. If a company is slow to adopt the technology you can still run Dell Networking enterprise operating systems on your switches before transitioning into SDN. Dell not only supports Openflow but they have designed their switches to be SDN vendor agnostic, protecting your investment.

The VMware NSX presentation was delivered by Josh Coulling, Systems Engineer at VMware Josh. Josh delivered a deep dive into VMware's fastest ever growing solution, VMware NSX. This presentation also included a demo of the technology giving the majority of the audience a deep overview of the technology for the first time. Commenting on the event, Josh stated:

“It was an absolute pleasure to come and talk alongside Computerworld & Dell at this extremely well attended event set in the very impressive Williams F1 facility. Hopefully it was clear that NSX has come a long way from VMware’s original acquisition of Nicira and the ‘Virtual Cloud Networking & Security’ - vCNS Days. I think this is best evidenced by the level of interest & interaction with the audience!”

ComputerWorld Director, Barry Coombs stated: 

"We at ComputerWorld believe that Software Defined Networking is the next important step in the evolution of our infrastructures. Not only is SDN able to deliver greater flexibility and control to businesses, but it also offers a revolutionary way to be able to secure your infrastructure. We are pleased to be working closely with Dell and VMware to deliver solutions incorporating both Dell Networking and VMware NSX to their customers. Here at ComputerWorld we have and will continue to invest in building a robust networking division, focusing on Dell networking technologies across physical and wireless solutions. The next logical expansion was to focus on virtual networking solutions in partnership with Dell and VMware. We were pleased to be selected as the first Dell partner to host a VMware NSX event and hope to repeat these again in the future."

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