ComputerWorld Owner launches new website in memory of late husband

Emma Osborne, ComputerWorld owner, co-founded a charity called 'The Transplant Association' in 2015 with Kevin Mashford as they were both personally affected by organ transplantation. Emma, who tragically lost her husband Jonathan to Pulmonary Fibrosis, was afforded some more time with her late husband, Jon Osborne, thanks to a lung transplant. ComputerWorld are a proud and humble partner of The Transplant Association with the charity close to our hearts in memory of our late Managing Director, Jon Osborne. 

The Transplant Association has launched a brand new website. The charity, that among other activities provides counselling courses for nursing staff working within transplant departments, has created the website to offer an informative online destination for transplant patients, and their friends and family. Filled with helpful information relating to all matters of the transplant process and also serves to raise awareness of the importance of donor register, and why people should sign up for it.

Emma Osborne, co-founder of The Transplant Association, has said “The charity has only existed for a couple of years now, and getting this website up has been a long process. But, I am confident it will provide an informative resource for everyone who has been affected, in some way, by the transplant process.” She also added “Speaking from personal experience, I know just how tumultuous the transplantation process can be to the lives of all those affected. I hope this website can in someway help”

Emma states “The words ‘roller coaster of a ride’ are words you will hear time and time again if
listed for transplant. I wanted to use all of my experiences and turn a sad outcome into something positive for other people going through a similar journey to me and my family.”

Kevin, was born with an extremely rare condition Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the
Greater Arteries (CCTGA). Despite countless operations to rectify his problems in early life, it
became clear his only chance was a heart transplant. After sitting on the waiting list for a period of time, Kevin successfully received a new heart. Since then, Kevin has gone on to cycle a series of fundraising journeys, including a 342 mile cycle from Bristol to Newcastle in memory or his donor, John, who died in a cycling accident.