ComputerWorld delighted to welcome innovative technology firm Symec as a client

  • Rapidly-growing Symec choose to consolidate IT support supply chain in one contract with ComputerWorld.

  • ComputerWorld will support Symec’s leadership team with strategic advice linking technology to their business objectives.

  • Bristol success story Symec will immediately free up 50% of their workload in critical system IT support.


In March 2019 we are delighted to welcome Symec to the ComputerWorld client base on an all-inclusive third and fourth line managed support contract.

Symec are a real Bristol success story. Based in Emersons Green, the company specialises in the provision of mobile technology for enterprise customers, implementing tailored solutions that combine hardware, software and connectivity.

Working closely with a number of leading manufacturers, Symec is able to supply an extensive range of both new and refurbished products including smartphones, rugged PDAs, tablets and printers. Currently, Symec manage more than 130,000 mobile devices and around 7,000 active connections. These devices and connections are supported by a range of innovative, in-house software products that allow for greater visibility and security, enabling clients to maximize productivity and harness data analytics to improve efficiencies.

When business growth leaves IT infrastructure behind

When it came to their IT support, Symec had become a victim of their own success. Rapid growth had led to a myriad of support contracts from different suppliers. It quickly became clear to the leadership team that a more strategic approach was required.

Last year, on its growth journey, Symec went through a management buyout. The new team identified the inefficiencies in the way they managed their IT infrastructure. These included:

  • The time it took to match the right supplier to each problem

  • The distractions the team experienced when staff were pulled into fixing IT issues

  • The risks of not keeping on top of proactive patching and updating of systems

They prioritised finding a better solution.

ComputerWorld’s solution for Symec

The all-inclusive third and fourth line managed support contract immediately takes away about 50% of Symec’s critical system IT support workload. This frees up their internal resource to focus on first and second line user issues, and to get on with their day jobs.

Our expertise also sees us monitoring critical systems with automatic escalation for outer threshold alerts. And we have designed a managed service for updating and patching systems to control the security risks.

But most importantly, our technical architects will host technology strategy meetings with Symec’s leadership team to link technology with their business objectives. These are outcome-based engagements. So rather than just quoting for technology, we are exploring what the outcomes of technological implementation would be, and how it would benefit Symec.

Describing the new contract, ComputerWorld managing director John Armstrong said:

“We are delighted to be able to serve yet another innovative, growing business in the Bristol area. We are looking forward to helping Symec achieve further success with a tailored IT support service that meets both their strategic and operational demands.”

Andrew Nicholson, Operations Director of Symec commented:

“Our team at Symec are excited to be working with ComputerWorld to bring a joined-up approach to our IT support. We see their strategic input as a valuable part of our growth plans, ensuring we have the technological infrastructure to meet our goals. Knowing that we are adopting best practices with IT security will help us expand with confidence and make an ever-bigger impact in our market.”

About ComputerWorld

ComputerWorld is one of the most established specialist IT support firms in the UK, with nearly three decades of experience. We are based near Bristol and through our strategic and operational IT support help medium-sized organisations with 200+ employees.


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