Can you sponsor our one-month 3,500km bike ride in support of a local mental health charity?

Over the next month, from Monday 15 April to Friday 17 May, the ComputerWorld team will be emulating one of the toughest challenges in the world of sport. Manning two exercise bikes, we will be collectively cycling the distance of the Tour de France – 3,500km. That may be about a week longer than the pros, but hey, they are not simultaneously managing major IT systems and we are not full-time athletes.

 Tour de ComputerWorld – In support of Bristol Mind

We are attempting this feat to raise money for Bristol Mind. This is a local charity which acts as a mental health resource for people in Bristol and the surrounding areas. They encourage wellbeing and recovery; offer a wide range of advocacy services; deliver training courses; run a confidential helpline; and promote recovery through volunteering.

We recognise that mental health and wellbeing is a widely misunderstood topic, complicated by, and burdened with, the stigma that is attached to it. Just as with physical health, we are all capable of having good and bad mental health and fluctuations along the way.

Removing the stigma which surrounds mental health

At ComputerWorld, we are working tirelessly to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and promote well-being within our company. For instance, earlier in 2019, we sent five volunteers to take part in mental health first aid training. These team members now act as mental health champions within our organisation. Selecting Bristol Mind as our charity partner reinforces our desire to show our employees that we take mental well-being at work seriously.

Please sponsor us to help us reach our goal of £1,000

We want to help get the message out beyond ComputerWorld though, and assist a charity which provides vital support in our region. Can you spare a little time to read our Just Giving story and a little money to help us reach our goal of £1,000?

Whatever we raise through sponsorship, ComputerWorld will match. So we are hoping to pass on as generous a sum as possible to Bristol Mind. Why not sponsor us today?