ComputerWorld are SharePoint consultancy and training specialists. We plan, install and train our clients' teams to make the most of SharePoint and make their businesses better.

SharePoint planning

Our consultancy service starts with a detailed look at what your SharePoint users are likely to need from it. This will help to determine what follows, as planning the right solution is critical. We will help in identifying an appropriate structure for your information, to ensure the most can be made of your data, and this will extend to the physical hardware and technical infrastructure that might be required to meet your objectives. We will keep your business goals in sight at all times, and we can advise you on licensing options to make sure your budget stretches as far as possible.


SharePoint implentation

Once your SharePoint solution has been comprehensively planned, Computerworld will help with its installation and setup, working alongside your own IT staff if necessary to ensure it functions the way you intended:

  • Server Farm(s) Install & Setup – Build a robust platform to best practice standards
  • Site Structuring and Configuration – Apply structure to make the most of your data
  • Branding, Authoring and Scripting – Control how SharePoint looks to improve adoption
  • Search & Navigation Configuration – Ensure your content is easy for users to find
  • Forms & Workflow Customisation – Automate business processes using InfoPath and SharePoint Designer
  • Business Intelligence Configuration – Visualise your data using powerful Business Intelligence features

SharePoint staff training

  • SharePoint Seminars – short non-technical presentations to showcase the principal advantages of the technology to decision makers
  • SharePoint End User – 1-day introduction to working with libraries, lists and other typical Sharepoint features
  • SharePoint Showcase – 2-day introduction to working with lists, libraries wikis, blogs, office integration, business intelligence, site and user management
  • Tailored End User Courses based on the above but covering a specific SharePoint environment
  • SharePoint Designer – 2-days covering: customising a site’s branding, lists, libraries and views, building workflows and data connections
  • Using InfoPath – 2-day introduction to electronic form creation and management
  • Microsoft Technical Courses on installation, management and customisation of the SharePoint environment
  • Tailored Technical Courses
  • e-Learning via Skillsoft and other partner portals on any of the above

Please see our course list below including M20331, M20332 and M10174 as well as complementary products such as Power BI. 


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