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VMware User Environment Manager

User Environment Manager simplifies end-user profile management by providing organisations with a single, lightweight and scalable solution that leverages existing infrastructure to apply user and application environment customisation's, faster GPO processing and powerful self-service options to allow users to restore previous versions of their profile or elements of their profile without helpdesk intervention.

Here are a just a few of the ways that UEM maybe able to help you manage your desktop estate. 

  1. Eliminate the need for pre-run scripts of applications to customise toolbars or other customisable elements of the applications interface. 
  2. Replace cumbersome Roaming Profiles with discretely customisable Profile policies to only retain specific elements of the Profile and disregard disposable elements to deliver efficient logon and logoff processes and eliminate bloating typically associated with roaming profiles. 
  3. Simplify printer and drive mappings for all users via a central management console. 
  4. Unify profile management across your entire estate be it physical, virtual or a mix of both. 
  5. Control all GPO policies for your environment and make changes on the fly without users needing to log off to effect the GPO update. 
  6. Reduce GPO processing when WMI filtering is used to dramatically reduce login times for users whilst retaining a complex GPO architecture. 
  7. Use intuitive conditional Boolean logic to selectively apply profile and policy settings to users and applications based upon numerous different criteria. 

In this webinar our Desktop Transformation specialist will give an overview of UEN, what it can do, the problems it can solve and why you should be considering it for your environment, VMware or not!