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The top IT trends that matter to your business in 2017 - Exeter

Join our specialists and industry experts at our exclusive event where we will be diving deep into the trends we are seeing within IT and explain how the technologies from both VMware and Dell will help you deliver a secure, flexible and productive business.


We are seeing a paradigm shift within the industry, leading to greater demand to deliver IT, to any device, at any location, at any time. But also from any cloud, be it your internal data-centre or a cloud provider. This shift to a heterogeneous architecture brings a raft of security and management concerns, on top of this we are seeing increased pressure to protect our data, with highly publicised data leaks and incoming legislation aiming to protect personal data.

Join specialists from ComputerWorld, as we explore how Dell and VMware technologies tackle the conflict between the business remaining secure and users demanding flexibility.


10.00 Workspace Transformation
10.45 How your datacentre infrastructure is changing
11.15IaaS and next generation data protection
12.15 Closing Thoughts
12.30Lunch and enjoy the facilities

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