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Cloud-based disaster recovery has become the standard for companies looking to protect digital assets. CWcare Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service utilises the knowledge and expertise from the ComputerWorld team alongside our Gartner recognised partners at iland to deliver you a full DRaaS offering.

Affordable & Predictable - Personalised - Managed & Reliable

Why CWcare DRaaS?

With over ten years’ experience, ComputerWorld specialise in the delivery of DR and Business continuity solutions whilst iland has earned its superior analyst ratings for DRaaS by working with you to ensure security and compliance for your workloads in the cloud, and bring you ultimate peace of mind.

Affordable & Predictable

Our aim is to support your business by providing a reliable and effective disaster recovery solution at an affordable price. Our approach is personalised and straightforward to ensure your disaster recovery plan combines the expert knowledge with the right technology for your business.


CWcare DRaaS starts with our DR specialists helping create a service catalogue fully documenting the services delivered to your business and the priority they need to be made available if there should be a DR event. From here we are able to assign RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) to allow us to build the DR service to meet your businesses specific needs.

Managed & Reliable

CWcare DRaaS is a fully managed Disaster Recover service, hosted out of accredited UK and Global data centres. Once implemented our specialists will fully monitor the replication of your workloads to the DR environment as well as working with you to plan and undertake non-disruptive DR tests to meet your needs. If the worst should happen and a DR event occurs we will work with you to fully manage the fail-over and fail-back of your business critical workloads.

How to plan a robust Disaster Recovery Solution

Watch the video below for our top tips on how to build a DR solution that your business can rely on.

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iland Catalyst is a free tool that analyzes your existing VMware infrastructure to help properly size for Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery or Migration without costly over-provisioning or detrimentally under-provisioning.

With the power of iland Catalyst you can see a full view of your VMware environment – resources, storage consumption, and general layout. With the easy-to-use interface, you can create customized groupings for Backups, Disaster Recovery or plan your journey to migrate to the cloud.

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