Classrooms are constantly evolving, and ComputerWorld’s services supporting schools and colleges are evolving with them. We provide our education clients with innovative, on-trend strategies so that they don’t have to worry about IT and can focus on the teaching.

Technology means that the classroom is no longer constrained by its four walls. Pupils can do their schoolwork anywhere, at any time, on a range of devices. ComputerWorld Education has vast experience integrating tablets into the learning environment. From bring your own device (BYOD) systems and mobile device management to virtual desktops and WiFi, our technical experts can help transform your teaching and learning technologies.

Passion for education

ComputerWorld Education is passionate about finding the best technical solutions for education providers. We as a company have developed from a training background, and as such facilitating the provision of excellent education is at the heart of what we do, our Managing Director is himself on the Board of Governors for a local school. All of this experience we feel gives us a unique insight into the sector that allows us to offer the best technical systems to schools and other education providers.

Most IT companies will just go into a school and advise them about all the changes they could make, whether that’s VDI or cloud based servers etc. However, we don’t talk about technology for technology’s sake and most importantly we don’t try to sell any particular product, instead we work hard to understand how a particular school operates so that we can offer the best solutions available for the end users – the teachers, administrators and students.

Our ambition is to advise educators about the products available to them and how they could be utilised in different capacities; from virtual infrastructure, to one to one and mobile-learning, so you can decide the best ways to improve the learning experience of your pupils.

It is an exciting time for educational technology, with things like Office 365 and BYOD offering innovative and new ways for schools to provide resources easily to their student’s fingertips.

Our Education Team combines business-class technical specialists with passionate and knowledgeable education specialists to try and offer the best service possible to educational establishments, both in the public and private sector. 

Protecting young minds

The classroom of the future might be bursting out of the school onto pupils’ tablets, laptops and smartphones, and the internet facilitates learning like never before. But it’s vitally important to keep young minds – and your IT system - safe from its darker side. With ComputerWorld Education's expertise, you can set up robust content filtering, email filtering, firewalls and antivirus protection. At the same time, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of tablet and mobile integration, virtual desktops, superfast broadband and WiFi without the worry that it’ll all come crashing down.

Premium partnerships

We work with the leaders in education technology – including Microsoft, Dell and Nimble.

Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager has been widely adopted throughout the sector. It’s an affordable option with a full suite of products to help you manage and maintain your institution’s IT needs. From deploying operating systems and applications through to protecting your data and integrating mobile devices, the ComputerWorld Education team can facilitate your SCCM needs.

We are proud to be the Dell education partner for the Midlands and South West. Not only does this mean we can pass on the best prices, but it’s testament to our pedigree – working with some of the UK’s largest schools, colleges and universities, Dell is at the forefront when it comes to education IT solutions.

We know that the foremost concern of any educational provider, when it comes to technology, is keeping data safe and secure. That's why we have partnered with Nimble. Nimble brings leading-edge storage technology that combines fast and responsive solid state drives with low-cost, high-capacity magnetic ones. It’s simple and easy to use, compresses and backs up your data on the fly, and comes with great support.

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