Define Tomorrow is back on the 23rd November! 

This year we are uniting people and technology to help businesses thrive!

Join us as we bring you a jam-packed agenda to help you and your business Define Tomorrow. We’re so happy to be back in person and we’ve got a fantastic event planned for you! 

For the first time, we are splitting the event and this year’s event is not just for the tech-minded. If your role involves looking after the people in your business or being a Microsoft 365 Champion, Define Tomorrow now has something great to offer you too. 

One stage is for tech talk, where we’ll take a deep dive into the latest announcements and trends from the industry and help build IT strategies for the future. The other stage is where tech jargon is banned and we’ll bring the human side to technology. We’ll look at how technology can help improve experiences, culture and communication – especially in a changing, hybrid working world. From onboarding to daily collaboration, you’ll be able to make positive changes and see people thrive.

What’s more, there’ll be an exhibition hall full of industry-leading vendors ready to discuss and demonstrate how they can help your organisation. To top it off, you’ll be in good company with over 200 delegates from your industry at the event… it is a great opportunity to catch up and network with faces, old and new.

Why attend?

Flexible Working Track

Learn how culture, communication, collaboration and employee experiences can all be enhanced through technology in the hybrid working world.

Hybrid Cloud Track

Hear about the latest announcements and trends from the industry to help you build and enhance your IT strategy for the future.

Solutions Expo

Immerse yourself in the solutions expo, through demonstrations and discussions to understand how different solutions can help your organisation.

Understand the future of technology for YOUR business

Coming to Define Tomorrow will help you understand the future of technology – with your business specifically in mind. Whether you’re responsible for IT management or have a more people-focused role, you’ll leave with practical outcomes and actions to implement straightaway. 

Take a closer look at what each of our stages is offering…

Flexible Working Track

Ideal for people in HR, Communications and Microsoft 365 Champions. The topics will cover:

  • How to improve business communication and collaboration
  • Increasing flexibility and improving hybrid experiences
  • Automating workflows to save you time
  • What’s new within Microsoft 365 and the benefits to you
  • Ensuring your team can get the most out of the tools within Microsoft 365

Hybrid Cloud Track

Perfect for individuals responsible for managing IT within their organisation. The topics throughout the day will cover how to:

  • Flawlessly execute your journey to the Cloud
  • Simplify management and make the most out of the Cloud
  • Protect your workloads in the Cloud
  • Improve the lifecycle of your employees with modern management
  • Enhance modern working experiences with Microsoft  
  • Increase security within your organisation

Solutions Expo

On the day, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the exhibition hall with over 15 industry-leading companies. The exhibition hall is dedicated to helping you expand your knowledge. Through discussions and demonstrations, you will learn how the latest solutions can expand and enhance your organisation.

Our Sponsors

We are proud and excited to bring some of the industry’s best vendors to our event.


What can you expect from Define Tomorrow?

We’ll be making the absolute most out of our first in-person event in two years and have lots planned for you:

  • Deep dive presentations for both IT and people-focused professionals 
  • Vendor exhibitions and demonstrations
  • The opportunity to network with over 200 like-minded guests
  • A jam-packed agenda that will enable you to take clear insights and strategic ideas to enhance the future of your organisation

Want to know what to expect from Define Tomorrow?

Take a look at our video from our last in-person event