In-Person and Virtual Events

We regularly host both webinars and (when it is safe again to do so) in-person events, sharing our years of experience and connecting people across the tech industry. Define Tomorrow™, our networking and knowledge sharing conference, is a high-value gathering of collaborators. Our webinars, hosted by our expert team of infrastructure engineers, gives everyone the opportunity to expand their community and expertise.

A group of 3 men from the ComputerWorld team, including Barry Coombs, having a conversation at a Define Tomorrow event
A screenshot of the ComputerWorld team on Microsoft Teams. Barry Coombs is in the top left and Megan Warren is in the top centre.

Looking for Industry insight and thought leadership?

Join us at our next Define Tomorrow™ conference, where we bring together managers and experts from across the tech industry, giving you the opportunity to expand your community and expertise.

Define Tomorrow