The office of the past

The nature of the office and office-based jobs was based upon the need to bring people together. It was about centralising resources and giving staff access to your processes and procedures - first paper-based and more recently through the technology that’s delivered on a Local Area Network.

The users at this point were compliant, using the technology that It provided them and only being able to access the data on these devices within the walls of your office.

The digital transformation

Today users and organisations are embracing new ways of working. We are seeing the rise of the mobile cloud era. Applications are deployed in a mobile fashion direct from the cloud. This allows users to pick up any device and work in the way that suits them - when and where they want.

The challenges of the transformation

These ways of working suit the users, it causes a number of challenges that the business needs to overcome.


IT needs to adapt and move from a position of delivering security by control, to delivering security by design whilst enabling the users to work in the ways they desire. Great examples of this are technologies like VMware Workspace ONE. This embraces the mobile native ways of working that our users desire, whilst allowing IT to secure the applications, data and identity by design.

But this isn’t where the challenges for the business end. With users now being able to work in a more mobile and remote manner, there becomes a big issue of trust and governance. No longer can you test an employee’s work ethic by the time they get to the office and leave at the end of the day. Work is no longer a location but an activity.

This is a big challenge for some organisations and some roles. It is one that I can’t offer a single answer to. But if you have thoughts on this subject reach out: let’s discuss, blog, podcast... because I think it’s a really interesting and relevant subject.