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At our 2017 Define Tomorrow event in Bristol, Joe Baguley, VMware CTO delivered a visionary presentation covering a wide range of subjects including IoT, Cloud, Edge Computing, Containers, AI and much more. Our Operations Director, Barry Coombs then joined Joe on stage to ask him questions that our attendee's had prepared prior to the event.

What have past attendees of Define Tomorrow said? 

When asked, 100% of attendees stated that the last Define Tomorrow event was Excellent or Good and all attendees would recommend the event to a colleague

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"Really slick event. The South West finally has an IT event which is at the same scale as more metropolitan events! Great speakers!"

Adam Burton - Systems Engineer, STVA

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"Interesting presentations that were incredibly relevant to our business"

Gareth Jayne - Senior ICT Officer, Linc Cymru 

"Fantastic event! Well worth the miles from Cornwall to Bristol! Thanks ComputerWorld"

Wayne Glanville - IT Manager, TJ International 


"A great conference with the right level of content and information" 

John Herivel - Infrastructure Lead, WWT