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Microsoft solutions lie at the heart of how ComputerWorld empowers businesses all over the UK. We’ve been offering Microsoft solutions since day one and nobody knows more about how to maximise your Microsoft investment than the ComputerWorld team.

ComputerWorld has been focusing on delivering Microsoft solutions and training for over 25 years.


ComputerWorld have a dedicated team of Microsoft consultants who specialise in helping our customers deploy and maximise their investment in Microsoft solutions including Sharepoint, Exchange, Hyper-V, Office 365, Active Directory and much more. 


Traditional Microsoft services

We work with traditional Microsoft technologies such as Exchange, Active Directory, Group Policy, SCCM, Sharepoint and more. We have unrivalled experience in our team – most of our engineers are MCSE qualified or greater and can really help any business get the most out of delivering solutions for these traditional Microsoft services. 


Microsoft Cloud Services

At ComputerWorld our partnership with Microsoft goes beyond the on-premise technologies that we’ve been using until now. Microsoft solutions can help your business define tomorrow by delivering all these technologies from the cloud.

ComputerWorld can work with your business to help you define a cloud strategy encompassing Microsoft technology, but importantly ensuring at the forfront of your strategy are elements that can deliver benefits such as employee and business flexibility and improved data security.

Crucially, we strive to understand your business needs first, so we can evaluate which elements will make the most sense for you, both now, and in the future. For example, we see a lot of customers who wish to move to Office 365 — when they request this what they usually mean is “Can we move our email onto the Cloud?”. For us this is the first step, once we have assessed your business needs we will identify if any other products within the 365 suite and EMS suite could help to optimise or protect your data once it’s in the cloud. We are also able to help you select complementary third party applications that will ensure you’re able to backup, and recover, your data when you need it.

We can then look to extend your infrastructure using technologies like Microsoft Azure – whether that’s moving virtual machines to the cloud, offering DR for your Hyper-V or VMware environment, or building your own cloud-native application. At ComputerWorld, we pride ourselves on our personal approach to getting under the skin of your business and finding the right solution to help you define tomorrow. 

Office 365 is built for your business  – It’s the Office you know, plus tools to help you work better together, so you can get more done anytime, anywhere. 

Office 365 is built for your business – It’s the Office you know, plus tools to help you work better together, so you can get more done anytime, anywhere. 



Identitiy + Mobile Management + Security


Keep your employees productive on their favourite apps and devices, and your company data protected with enterprise mobility solutions from Microsoft. 


Move faster, save money – integrate on-premise apps and data

Integrate on-premise apps and data.

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For the latest Microsoft news, innovations, insights and resources from ComputerWorld's crack team of Microsoft experts and engineers visit Define Tomorrow™ today.


ComputerWorld provides the UK's best Microsoft training 

CW Training is the largest IT training provider in the South West and Wales, with national reach across the whole of the UK. The beauty of being part of ComputerWorld Group is our wide ranging technical expertise – giving us the ability to offer end-to-end support and tailor-made training designed specifically to your needs on site or online. Nobody knows more about Microsoft than the ComputerWorld team.



Migrate to Office 365 & empower your business with the UK's leading migration specialists

Migrate 365 is a newly launched service and website from the ComputerWorld team which helps businesses modernise how they work when migrating to Office 365. Implementing is straightforward, but if you want to really transform your business you need technical and training expert assistance – this is where Migrate365 comes in.