NSX Roundtable Event

If you would like to know more about NSX through in depth discussions and demonstrations with our experts, join us on July 27th in Bristol for our roundtable event. 

VMware NSX

Your virtual network is now the primary network for the majority of your businesses critical communication, however despite this for the majority of businesses security and control of the network is still managed at the physical layer. It is time we started to unite the virtualisation and network teams and together push towards a more secure, flexible network.

VMware NSX works right at the hypervisor level and with your existing physical network technologies, allowing you to quickly and easily design and apply networking and security policies right next to your workloads, improving time to deployment, security and ultimately reducing complexity. 

Three key areas that NSX can assist you with in your business are as follows:-

1. Improved Security - Micro-segmentation

This includes microsegementation as a firewall for each and every one of your virtual machines but without the complexity and cost of managing multiple different firewalls. With modern day risks it is no longer sufficient to secure the perimeter of your network we need to secure within as well. 

2. Application Availability

Whilst there are many tools such as Veeam and VMware SRM to help you automate and manage the failover of virtual machines to a DR site, networking is a lot more complex and manual. With networking failover, you will also need to be including: routing, load balancing and firewalls as well as many other areas. VMware NSX will fully integrate with SRM, allowing you to automate the failover of not just the virtual machines but also the important network components. This may be useful not only when a disaster hits but when also moving workloads during planned migrations.

3. Automation

We can now deploy new servers within a click of a few buttons thanks to virtualisation technologies; however networking may take several weeks to deploy for a secure, multi-tier application. VMware NSX allows you to completely automate the provision of the networking components alongside the provision of your servers.


An Introduction to Network Virtualisation - Video

The video below is an introductory presentation to Network Virtualisation where Barry Coombs, ComputerWorld Director introduces the VMware solution that allows you to virtualise your network and what benefits this can bring to your business.  


NSX Experience Day

Our datacentre's have changed vastly over the last 5-10 years, but how has your network changed? With a vast number of your servers now virtualised and an increased risk of cyber-attack, we have to modify our networks to be more secure and more flexible.

Join specialists from VMware and ComputerWorld at this exclusive event as we introduce VMware NSX, look deep into the technology and use case and let you get a first hand experience with hands-on labs.

This event is free of charge for people with invitations from ComputerWorld and we actively encourage people with roles surrounding Virtualisation, VMware, Security and Networking to join us from your organisation.

The experience day will be held at ComputerWorld HQ in Bristol on 12th July from 9am-5pm.