Streamlining virtual and in-person education

Our experienced and adaptable team have been implementing and upgrading IT solutions in educational establishments for over 25 years. We understand that IT teams in education work in a dynamic and highly demanding environment, and are frequently under-resourced. That’s why our team are here to complement your existing IT team’s skills by advising you on your overall strategic direction while providing practical day-to-day and project focused support. 

Reliability and Protection

A reliable, resilient, secure and well managed IT infrastructure is essential for delivering IT services within an educational environment. As an accredited VMware and Microsoft partner, our team of IT consultants work with you to ensure that every component of the IT infrastructure that supports your educational and administrative functions is performant, reliable and fully protected in the event of failure.  

Virtual Learning Environment

Now, more than ever, education is extending outside of the physical building to pupil’s personal PCs, laptops and mobile devices. Therefore, the requirement to deliver reliable and flexible, but secure IT to these people has increased significantly. As a Microsoft partner we have considerable expertise in the use of Microsoft Teams to create a virtual learning environment. We’ll take you through the features and functionality to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in Microsoft Teams and the wider Microsoft 365 features, allowing you to communicate more effectively with parents, while students stay on top of their curriculum. 

Protecting your data

​​The education sector is increasingly targeted by hackers and malicious third parties as it is seen as a soft target. Our security consultants work with universities, colleges and schools to ensure that protection against these inevitable attacks is baked into each element of your IT solutions and management procedures. Our National accredited consultants can assist you to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus and beyond.  

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