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With over 25 years of experience working with organisations in the financial sector, our experts understand the unique demands of this environment. These include the challenges of working within the required compliance frameworks and keeping your clients’ data protected, while at the same time being able to use this information effectively throughout the organisation and with your strategic partners. Our experience has shown that often a small upgrade to your IT systems can increase productivity and maximise profitability, however, the impact of this change on the compliance and data security needs to be considered carefully. We help you define the right solutions for your organisation, whether it is progressing your cloud strategy, enhancing security and protection for your data, or enabling your users to make the most out of Microsoft 365.

Security Governance

Due to the nature of the information held by financial organisations, security and governance are of critical importance. Our team of security specialists can audit current security practices and systems and recommend improvements. With the increase of cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft 365, it is important to reconsider how you are protecting data. Often solutions like Azure information protection, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and document retention policies are essential to protect data within your organisation and as it travels outside of your organisation.

Workflow Automation

Finance is a far-reaching and varied market. Having worked with financial sector leaders including Hargreaves Lansdown and Milsted Langdon, our business consultants and engineers have the expertise to automate the lifecycle of many financial processes, by providing a workflow automation aligned to your existing processes. These include the automated creation of Microsoft Teams, Allocation of Work, Process Tracking and much more. 

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