Securing and innovating healthcare

With years of experience working with healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical testing organisations, including; Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, we understand the common issues faced by these organisations. This enables us to design, implement and support IT solutions within these highly controlled environments where reliability, compliance and resilience are fundamental requirements. 

Validated Systems 

We understand the role that expertly designed and documented ‘validated’ solutions play in reducing risk in the healthcare sector. Our tailor-made approach ensures we provide end-to-end system validation to meet the stringent governance requirements of this sector.  

Safeguarding Data

By its very nature, the data held within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors is sensitive and confidential. Therefore, the security of this data is of paramount importance. Our team of consultants are experienced at working alongside your IT and compliance teams to ensure that security is built into the solutions we design. We are also able to perform ongoing audits and monitoring to ensure that the appropriate level of security is maintained, when systems are deployed in production environments. 

Ensuring Uptime

Any system down time in the healthcare sector could have disastrous consequences. Our experience enables us to design solutions with high levels of internal and external resilience and redundancy, which ensures that not only is the risk of downtime mitigated, but also that system upgrades can be achieved without increasing this risk. Our managed services consultants are available 24/7 to support disaster recovery in case of failure. 

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