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ComputerWorld has nearly 25 years’ experience in the field of IT security. Our consultants have expert knowledge and certifications earned with the industry’s key hardware and software vendors, and can offer robust solutions for any aspect of your IT security.

There have been so many high profile hacks reported in the media over the last few years that nearly every organisation is acutely aware of the importance of IT security (Microsoft reported it takes 200 days on average for a company to detect a security breach and a further 80 days to contain it.) in fact, it’s vital to your everyday operations. 

Our approach to security considers how your network is used, who uses it, and every type of interaction users both internal and external will have. Preventive measures are our top priority from the start. It’s well and good being wise after the fact and being able to respond effectively to a security issue, but what makes ComputerWorld a leading IT services provide is our ability to proactively implement the right measures, at the right price.

ComputerWorld’s long experience in the industry means that we’re ideally positioned to meet your security needs. Our consultants have expert knowledge and certifications from the industry’s key hardware and software vendors. We offer robust solutions to prevent downtime, data loss and internet fraud. They include:

Web security and firewalls

The World Wide Web has been a boom for everyone – including hackers! More than 85 per cent of malware is now distributed on the internet and if your employees are going to use the web you need a proactive web security solution. At ComputerWorld we work with industry-leading solutions from Barracuda, Smoothwall and Dell. We offer cloud-based solutions, Physical and Virtual Appliances for web filtering, firewalls and next gen firewalls. Give us a call and we can tell you more.

Email security and archiving

Phishing, viruses, malware and identity fraud are the main enemies here. ComputerWorld offers the best there is in email security. Flexibility is the key, with your employees being able to access their email while at work, on the move, and at home using various devices. Our solutions meet regulatory compliance relevant in industries like financial services, pensions, insurance and healthcare, and ensure your DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) requirements are met. We have solutions that are Cloud-based or on premise with Virtual or Physical Appliances.

Endpoint security

Every device accessing your network presents a security threat, whether or not the person using it knows it. We implement the best endpoint security solutions to deal with viruses, spam, device control, patch and remediation and application control. These include Bitdefender, Sophos, AppSense, Shavlik, Lumension, McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro. ComputerWorld is able to offer intelligent white-listing and granular elevation of privileges to increase security to help prevent sophisticated, targeted threats that are becoming increasingly common. 


We have a very strong relationship with Bitdefender and together offer state-of-the-art threat protection giving faster and more efficient security for your business. Bitdefender was awarded Best Corporate Security in 2015.

Two-factor authentication

With the award winning SecurAccess from SecurEnvoy we can provide industry leading two-factor authentication for organisations that need to give remote staff access to their networks. Integration is simple across a range of servers and systems, making it easy for you to protect your IT assets without being too onerous upon the people who need to use them. With flexible authentication options including SMS, Mobile App, QCR Codes, Email, and Voice calls, you can give your users the option that best suits them, all from a same user license!

Data encryption

With the theft of sensitive data becoming increasingly common, encryption offers you the chance to render your data useless to anyone without the key to decrypt it. ComputerWorld’s security experts can give your organisation a non-penetrable shield for your hard disks, endpoints, ports, data files, removable media and email systems. All solutions we offer allow you to centrally manage and enforce encryption, while achieving optimum balance between security, productivity and performance.

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