A.I.-Based Protection from Spear Phishing, Account Takeover, and Business Email Compromise

Spear phishing attacks are rapidly becoming the most significant security threat today. Barracuda Sentinel is the leading real-time AI solution that protects against spear phishing and cyber fraud.

Traditional Email Security Solutions Are Not Enough to Stop Targeted Email Attacks

Businesses lose billions of dollars each year to targeted email attacks as attackers develop increasingly sophisticated social engineering tactics to trick users into acting. The attackers use spoofing techniques, lookalike domain names, or compromised accounts to impersonate legitimate users and trusted partners with highly personalized emails that bypass traditional email security filters. In fact, over 95% of organizations have unidentified spear phishing attacks already in their inboxes.

Barracuda Sentinel catches these attacks before they reach your users with the industry's first A.I. engine designed to identify and stop spear phishing, BEC and other socially engineered attacks. It is offered as a simple "set it and forget it" cloud service that protects your O365 environment.


Protect Your Business Against Account Takeover

Corporate Account Takeover presents a significant new threat to business. Hackers gain access to corporate email accounts through stolen credentials and use them to launch subsequent targeted attacks, internally and against external targets. Account takeover or attacks that originate from these accounts are almost impossible to detect since they don’t leverage impersonation techniques—they come from a legitimate account and appear to be from a trusted source. In fact, traditional email security solutions don’t even observe internal traffic and have no way of stopping an attack originating internally.

Barracuda Sentinel detects both account takeover attempts and attacks launched from compromised accounts. By analyzing both historical and inbound data Sentinel is able to identify behavioral, content, and link-forwarding anomalies within your organization, and to flag and quarantine fraudulent emails. It is also able to prevent attempts to compromise employee credentials by automatically blocking targeted phishing emails that try to harvest employee passwords.Why Use Barracuda Sentinel? 

Prevent - Prevent loss of credentials by blocking targeted phishing attacks missed by email gateways

Detect - Detect and alert IT when an account is compromised

Remediate - Remove all malicious email sent by compromised account

Protect Your Reputation and Stop Domain Fraud with DMARC Reporting

Domain spoofing and brand hijacking are common techniques used by hackers in social engineering attacks. They can be used not only to target your employees, but also your customers, external partners, and other third parties that trust your brand. These impersonation attacks can lead to financial losses, as well as damage to your brand reputation.

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) authentication and enforcement can stop domain spoofing attacks. Many organizations today struggle to set up and enforce DMARC on their own, leaving their organization and partners vulnerable to impersonation attacks. Barracuda Sentinel provides complete protection from email domain fraud through DMARC reporting, analysis, and visibility. This helps organizations to set up DMARC enforcement properly and reduce the potential of false-positive enforcements such as blocking legitimate email or misidentifying legitimate sender.

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