What can technology achieve for your business?

The role of technology in modern businesses is varied and complex. Figuring out your technology strategy and optimum operating model therefore has a big impact on success. But this can come with challenges.

Sometimes your objectives are clear. For example, transitioning employees to remote or hybrid working. You can map out a plan and progress, through your own IT capability or with external support. But sometimes your IT demands are more complex, and investigation is required to get to the crux of the problems you need to solve and the best strategy to adopt.

Common challenges include; responding faster to new business opportunities, building a technology architecture that satisfies today and is ready for tomorrow, optimising ongoing cost and reducing technology debt, or better protecting information.

We understand the key strategic and architectural challenges faced by organisations today and, through our consulting expertise, are perfectly positioned to assist.

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Why IT and business strategy go hand in hand

Your IT strategy is inextricably linked with your overarching business strategy – so that’s where we start. Building your IT architecture is not necessarily about getting on board with the latest products and trends, but by looking at what you really need to achieve, and which technologies will help to support that.

To make sure we fully understand the role technology needs to play in your business, we’ll challenge your thinking by asking the difficult questions – why do you need this, why are your people working that way, why does this matter?

We’ll help assess critical areas of impact in your existing operating environment and identify new opportunities to drive positive change. We can help you shape a technology strategy that spans multiple disciplines, functions and capabilities. And, using examples of what ‘good’ looks like, we’ll help create your vision of what you’re aiming for.

  • Strategy planning workshops
  • Mapping technology solutions to your business needs
  • Development of technical roadmap

Making the most of technology – it’s what we do

Here at ComputerWorld, we’re set up to help our customers make the most of IT for their business. When helping you to build your IT strategy we take a 4-step approach to consultation – listening to and understanding your requirements, analysing your existing infrastructure, demonstrating our proposed solution and implementing it using recognised methodologies.

IT is our area of expertise, so naturally we’re happy to take the lead on consulting and developing your strategy – but it’s also important that you feel part of the process every step of the way and fully invested in the future of technology in your business. Rather than coming to the table with our own pre-conceived ideas, we take time to understand what you truly need and build solutions unique to you.

Our strategy & architecture team is made up of a powerful combination of technical and business consultants – ensuring a holistic approach that leaves no stone unturned. These services can be delivered as a standalone engagement or as part of an ongoing managed service.

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