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Modern businesses are built upon great technology. Procuring technology for your business should be simple: what you need, when you need it, and at a budget-friendly price. But that’s not always the case – sourcing IT for your company can become much more challenging.

With an unending choice of vendors and products out there, how will you know which technology best addresses the problems you’re trying to solve? Which will be the most reliable or cost effective? Can you get it delivered on time? If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, where do you begin your search?

Seemingly simple actions can quickly get in the way and lead to frustration if you’re looking to initiate a business transformation. And no one wants stock availability or miscalculated budgets to be the reason your business has to hold back on innovation.

Take the hassle out of IT procurement

At ComputerWorld, we’re professional buyers. We’ve been in the business of supplying corporate technology for over two decades, so we’re confident we know what we’re talking about. Over that time, we’ve built up strong partnerships with major vendors as well as specialist providers who deliver solutions beyond the mainstream. This means we can stay abreast of the latest technologies available and negotiate competitive commercial rates for you.

Buying through ComputerWorld is the smarter way to source your technology. With the help of our experts, you can expect shorter lead times, reduced costs and higher levels of personalisation. Whether you’re planning a complete infrastructure overhaul, or you simply need some extra peripherals for your employee workstations – we know the best products, brands and deployment options to deliver a fast and cost-effective solution of any specification.

Our Technology Supply Solutions

  • Device supply provision
  • Subscription and warranty renewals
  • Tailored technology bundles
  • VMware and Microsoft licensing agreements
  • CAPEX to OPEX service led billing

Business tech is personal, so is our approach

On average, each of our buyers has 10+ years of experience in procuring IT technology for businesses like yours. So when you buy with us, we can guarantee you’ll be working with a bona fide tech expert. When so much of technology buying feels transactional, this enables us to provide a truly personal and tailored service. As a ComputerWorld customer, you’ll be allocated a key account manager to act as your go-to specialist whenever you need a new technology solution – or simply some good advice. Tuned into your business, they’ll be able to spot the best solutions, and the best deals for you.

Of course, if you’re looking for a speedy ‘off the shelf’ buying experience we offer that too, through a user-friendly e-commerce platform. We can also build tailored bundles, such as a new employee tech package, that can be deployed instantly without the need to re-spec every time.

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