What can cloud do for your business?

The cloud offers opportunities for every business – and yet it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you’re already in the cloud or are looking to embark on a cloud migration strategy, the key to success is defining where the opportunities lie for your organisation.

It’s important to know what you want to get from your cloud journey. Why cloud, and why now? Perhaps you’re sweating physical assets and the cost of a refresh is looming. You’d like a more predictable way to pay for your infrastructure, or your IT team could do without having to fix server breakdowns that always seem to crop up at the busiest times. For many organisations, cloud strategy is about driving efficiencies. But first, you need to find them. Do you know what compute and storage capacity you need – and how should that flex with the operations of your business? Which apps and workloads would be best suited to migration, or replaced with cloud-native alternatives? Is SaaS, IaaS or PaaS the best route? If that’s something you need help with, then you might want to drop us a line.

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Planning your move to cloud

Your cloud success is built upon thorough preparation. Overlook problems in your existing environment and you’ll migrate them to the cloud too – and it’s much harder to unpick them later. 

At ComputerWorld we’re experts in cloud migration and we’ve helped many of our customers to find their feet with Microsoft Azure and other providers. We operate a ‘think first’ approach – looking at every part of your IT before carefully considering what to migrate and how, before jumping in. Businesses can be caught out if a move to cloud is done without due consideration of interconnecting apps, unsupported tech or over provisioning. But done properly, it’s easier than many people think.

Ready, get set, cloud

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment is the kick-off point for businesses seeking help with any part of their move to cloud. We explore both your business goals and your IT requirements – to ensure the plan we help you to create will be suitable, flexible and scalable for the future of your organisation. Importantly, our cloud solutions are a custom-fit for you.

Through our managed services, we’re here to step in or out at any point you need us – from assessing and preparing your current setup so you can get started, to helping you find ways to optimise and innovate with the cloud once you’re there.

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