Protection doesn’t stop at data

Your business needs protecting. That includes everything you rely on day-to-day – not just data but your apps and users too. Protection means putting plans in place to prevent the unthinkable and being able to react if and when it happens. It means protecting your IT from every possibility – from human error to physical damage or cyber attack. And it means choosing the right kind of protection to balance risk, potential impact and budget.

The right protection results from confronting some challenging questions – if disaster struck, how would you respond? How quickly could you get up and running again? What would the business impact be and what would you stand to lose? If you don’t know, or aren’t sure your current measures are up to the job, then let us put your mind at rest.

What’s important to your business?

At ComputerWorld we help businesses of all sizes to safeguard what matters to them most. We work with IT teams and company leaders to discover the data, apps, and devices you have, so that we can protect them where they reside.

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The right mix for your business

There are multiple solutions available, from physical devices to cloud services, which offer different levels of protection depending on how frequently your systems need to be backed up (Recovery Point Objective) and the speed with which you’d need them back in operation (Recovery Time Objective). Not everything requires the same degree of protection, so understanding your priorities and acceptable risk will determine how different needs are met. Protecting your business will likely come down to a combination of measures composed from software, hardware and cloud backup, and we can advise on what best matches your requirements.

Always switched on

We stay switched-on to the leading products and services available in the market, undertaking testing and thorough due diligence before we’re willing to underwrite any capability. And we also offer our own Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution – giving you peace of mind that data and systems are safely stored in the cloud, all at a predictable regular cost.

Business continuity: one less thing to worry about

When you work with us you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands. We are accredited with ISO 27001, meaning that we follow best practice when it comes to information security.

Importantly, our approach is tailored to you. We encourage conversations between IT teams, business leaders, and users to build a catalogue of services before providing our recommendations. That way we can save you time and money by protecting what’s important – and not wasting resource on redundant or trivial data.

The solutions we’ll provide are easy to manage too – whether by your own team or as part of a managed service, where we take a stake in your business’s protection. Plus, we go beyond just protecting the here and now. We can recommend and implement policies to keep your data and services safe as your organisation develops, as well as keeping our eye on new and emerging technologies that could do the same job faster or more economically.

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