Blurring the boundaries

Where companies once had a clear network perimeter, the edge of the modern network is far less defined. Remote and hybrid working, the Internet of Things, SaaS apps and advancements in cloud technology all mean that your network could extend to almost anywhere. Added to this is the expectation from users and the dependence from things that connect with your network, that it will be fast and reliable. Laggy, patchy connectivity stops work from getting done – and simply isn’t acceptable anymore.

But what hasn’t changed is the role of your network in how you connect and collaborate. Today, the network has the potential to shift your business up a gear. More than ever, it needs to be better managed and better protected.

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Transforming the network

Thanks to the internet, there is less need to rely on complex and expensive telco networks to connect physical locations. No more is the network about cables, switches and routers. It’s evolving to be something much smarter and much more valuable.

Driven by digital business, your network will be increasingly created in software, with the emergence of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) providing the blueprints for new modes of operation. Our dedicated experts are always hot on the heels of every new breakthrough and are well-equipped to lead you through the process of capturing the benefits of the latest solutions.

We’re networking specialists and can help with everything you need to create a network fabric that blends the right hardware and software. Working with industry titans Dell EMC, HPE and Ruckus Wireless, we have end-to-end answers for wired and wireless networks, as well as all the other services and connectivity you may need. We can show you how a SDN can unify your network infrastructure, and how you can make network management a breeze for IT teams through automation and self-healing.

Avoid weak links, strengthen for the future

Network and security go hand-in-hand which is why we consider them together in all the solutions we provide to our customers. Our goal is to bake security into the heart of every network we design and administer – from network intrusion prevention to watertight governance and policy-controlled access. All are vital steps in the defence of your network and ensuring you decide who connects and who doesn’t.

Like any other part of your infrastructure, your network will impact the way in which your business can grow and adapt. More and more IoT and AI technologies are traversing the wireless network at the edge, providing exciting potential to generate fresh intelligence and fuel innovation – but only if the network can support it.

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