Facing the demands of data

Every digital action that is taken in your organisation generates data. That data must be stored somewhere, perennially challenging capacity as well as follow-on actions like protection. What’s more, data is becoming more intricate and higher in value – further complicating the requirements for access and management.

A never-ending budget and operational challenge – it’s why many businesses make the move to the cloud. But cloud storage isn’t suitable for everyone, or indeed, all data. For governance reasons your organisation may rely on some on-premises capacity, or for fast-moving environments, lightning quick access is the deciding factor. That’s where data management and storage management strategy become key.

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Time to take back control

By following good practices, you’ll avoid the common pitfalls like using premium storage for low-value or infrequently accessed data, growing data siloes that disconnect valuable information from users and business, and not knowing the make-up of the data you are storing. Tackling these issues is what we do.

We delve into the big questions surrounding the type and quantity of data you have, how often you need to access it and how quickly – and how important that data is to the economics of your business. This way, we can help you prioritise your data and the type of storage most appropriate to requirements – whether that’s keeping it on-premises or selecting parts of it to migrate to the cloud. 

No matter the size of your organisation, you need your data access to be fast, reliable and secure. That’s why we partner with leading vendors such as Dell and HPE to bring world-class solutions for data storage and management to businesses large and small. Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we’ll help you weigh up performance, capacity and cost to choose the right technology.

Ready your business for a digital future

Data should enhance not hinder, your business. In a data-driven world, the way you store and access your data becomes one of the building blocks for your future success. Through data you can analyse your business performance, better serve your customers, and innovate for advantage – but only if it’s stored in a way that you can properly harness it.

At ComputerWorld we have the know-how to advise on the solutions that will provide the most impact. We’ll scope and deploy your solution – and we can also help to manage your storage once it’s up and running. Our dark data discovery exposes redundant, obsolete and trivial data, while strong policies surrounding data retention can help you optimise ongoing capacity, management and cost. 

Importantly, we’ll work with you to make sure that your storage will meet your requirements today, but will also complement your infrastructure strategy going forward. 

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