An infrastructure that’s ready when you are

Your virtual infrastructure has a big impact on your IT – and your business. Well-designed, modern and reliable, it can provide you with flexibility for the future, security and impressive cost-savings. If out-dated, unreliable and poorly configured, it becomes expensive, risky and a barrier to growth.

Virtualisation is nothing new – so you may find yourself with a virtual infrastructure that’s overgrown or showing signs of age. Maybe your IT requirements have become more complex, or you’ve noticed that management is no longer as straightforward, and performance is not where you need it to be.

You might be thinking ahead and want to ensure the ability to grow and meet changing demands. With new opportunities available in the cloud, if you’re considering a migration now or in the future, then your virtual infrastructure will provide an essential launchpad.

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At the heart of your SDDC

Virtual infrastructure underpins your Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC) – a collection of software-defined components that enable you to pool resources and more simply manage your IT. It’s your gateway to faster application delivery, better control over availability, stronger security and the freedom to transfer workloads between hosts and clouds.

If you’re looking to deploy, renew or better orchestrate a virtual infrastructure, ComputerWorld can help with the compute, hypervisor, storage and network fabric necessary to unleash its full potential. Our specialists are knowledgeable about VMware, Microsoft, Dell EMC and HPE solutions – providing us with a range of world-class technologies from which to create the best outcome for you.

Wondering about VM vs containers? Containers have emerged as an alternative way to support some applications, and many modern environments now include a combination of both. Talk to us about the benefits for your business.

We get that IT resource might be tight, which is why we also offer managed services to support your team during the process, and into ongoing management. While we’re keeping your virtual infrastructure in peak condition, you can focus on how you harness it for the good of your business. If you still want to keep your hand in, we can also help you discover ways to streamline management and lighten the load for operations teams.

A virtual infrastructure for today, and tomorrow

Your virtual infrastructure needs to always perform at its best – we make that happen so it’s fit to fully support the demands of your business.

But we don’t stop there. Because as well as supporting your business today, your virtual infrastructure needs to be able to move forward when your organisation does. From powerful resource automation or growing with the building blocks of hyper-converged infrastructure, to the flexibility to burst into cloud – we’re here to help you look beyond the horizon and get ready to go there.

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