Disaster doesn’t have to be a scary prospect

Disaster can be a concerning word – and not one that many businesses like to think about. In IT terms it can cover anything from accidental deletion of files or destruction of virtual machines, to physical damage to your servers. Some are critical, some are manageable – but in all cases it’s important that you have a recovery plan in place to deal with the fallout of any disruption event that might occur.

So how do you go about preparing for these scenarios? How would you respond to an event to ensure that you could save or recover data, reduce downtime and keep your business operating? If these questions worry you, then you may want to consider handing over the responsibility to an external expert provider, such as ComputerWorld.

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Be ready for anything with DRaaS

We’re here to help with everything from accidents to business-critical disasters. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is designed to give you complete peace of mind that should anything happen, there’s a recovery plan in place that can be triggered right away.

Through DRaaS we provide everything you need to prepare for and respond to an incident – from recovery technology to the skilled team of experts who will assemble to get your systems back up and running, or deploy a temporary solution so you can keep operating.

When you opt for DRaaS with ComputerWorld we’ll catalogue all the services and data that contribute to the day-to-day operation of your organisation – and protect it by replicating everything that matters on a second, or even third site. That way if anything happens, everything can quickly be transferred over – at a moment’s notice and with minimal disruption.

IT disaster recovery designed for your business

The criticality of systems and data to the running of your business will impact how often you require backup on the DR site. To maximise protection whilst minimising costs, it’s important to get this right – which is why we always start by establishing your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

As all-round IT and technology experts, it goes without saying that we’ll employ the latest, and best-in-class cloud technologies, UK-sovereign and global data centres to create reassuring levels of resilience. Because we take disaster recovery seriously, we’ll also carry out periodic non-intrusive DR testing to validate the service efficacy.

Disaster Recovery is not just about responding in the moment – but also restoring the calm after the storm. Our team are on-hand for as long as you need us after the event, to make sure your systems and data have been properly and fully restored and normal service can resume.

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