Your security in review: how safe is your business?

What does good security posture look like? Unless you’re a security specialist, it can be hard to judge if you’re getting it right. With a wide range of technology available in the market, and an ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, the complexities of modern day security can lead to uncertainty and a lack of confidence in your own strategy. You know the importance of IT security to your business – but which of your security technologies are really providing benefit? Are you missing something that could leave you vulnerable? Or conversely, are you splashing out on something that you don’t actually need?

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Mapping out your security posture

Through a security audit, ComputerWorld can help remove uncertainty and give you confidence to move forward with an effective risk limitation plan for your business.

A CWcare secure audit maps out all the security technologies and processes you have in place in your business to defend against both internal and external threats. We’ll review the roles they play in your strategy and how they are interconnected. Every point of your security posture is covered in the assessment – from identification and protection, to ongoing monitoring, to how you will respond to and recover from an attack.

Combining state-of-the-art tools with over two decades of experience and know-how

We’ll build a report detailing how your security holds up against an exemplary model. Drawing upon the conclusions of the report, we’ll provide recommendations as to how and where your security posture could be improved. This could be suggestions of new technologies to deploy, ways to maximise on the features in-built in the software you already have, or helping you to define new processes for your team so that nothing gets missed.

Once you’ve approved your security strategy you have the option to put it under scrutiny with penetration testing on apps, software or systems. This ‘real-world’ testing simulates attacks and provides a red flag if any doors to entry have been left open – allowing you to pinpoint vulnerabilities.

Our security audit services

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On-going reviews

Your cyber security matters to us

We aim to provide you with a comprehensive review of your security posture so you can truly understand the risks you’re protected against – and the ones you aren’t. We know that time is important. If your business is vulnerable, a breach could happen at any point – so getting to a result and planning a way forward as quickly as possible really matters.

Not only can we give you confidence that every inch of your security posture has been scrutinised, but our experts can provide the deep insight you need to fully understand your forward approach. Our own expertise is complemented by access to specialist vendors from which to select perfectly matched security for the technologies you use in your organisation.

But our support doesn’t stop there. The threatscape is forever evolving and we recommend regularly monitoring and auditing your security provision for your best chance of defence. As well as our security audit services, we can help with ongoing monitoring and testing through our managed services capability, set to a schedule that best suits your business.

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