When cyber threats get more advanced – so should your defences

Detection and protection are two of the most important weapons in your cyber security arsenal. With the right security measures in place, your business should be well protected against most threats. But cyber criminals constantly change and adapt their methods, and even the most well defended businesses still stand the chance of experiencing a breach. If this does happen, the quicker you can detect it the sooner you can respond – giving you a much better chance of limiting the damage to your business.

So how would you know if someone was trying to steal your data? Plenty of innovative solutions are now available to help you with advanced threat detection – such as AI-powered and cloud technologies. But with multiple vendors competing for your security budget, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and choose the solution that will help you identify threats in time to stop them. That’s where we can help.

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Spot the cyber threats around the corner

Businesses connect differently than they used to. Once upon a time there was a defined perimeter that could be defended with firewalls and anti-virus. But business technology – and cyber attacks – have become more sophisticated and wider reaching.

With software in the cloud, DevOps home-grown apps, IoT communicating at the edge, and a hybrid workforce accessing the network from almost anywhere, your security perimeter is now much more difficult to distinguish. Businesses need to move on from an outdated mindset so they can be prepared for the threats around the corner.

ComputerWorld’s security experts are up-to-date with the most innovative solutions available in the marketplace today and have hand-picked the best of them to help protect against, and detect, cyber security threats.

Our protection and detection solutions

  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Anti-malware solutions
  • Ransomware protection
  • Security operations Centre (SoC)
  • Visibility and detection tools

The right mix for accurate security alerts

You want your security measures to alert you at the first sign of a threat – but inadequate solutions can flag up false alarms, leading to alert fatigue within your team and risking real threats slipping through the net. At ComputerWorld we use our knowledge of the best solutions available, combined with an in-depth assessment of your network, to advise on a tailored stack of measures that will perform best for your organisation.

We know how to fine-tune security tools to fit your technology mix, so that they only deliver insight that requires a response. That way your IT team can take action when necessary but otherwise remain confident that the defences in place are doing their job.

Getting your threat protection and detection right is vital – but it can also take up time and resources to achieve the optimum result. Our managed services team are on hand to help orchestrate your solutions no matter the size of your organisation – from simple monitoring to a fully equipped security operations centre.

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