Your first line of defence is crucial – your incident response plan is just as important

You recognise the importance of cyber security and you’ve done everything you can to put technologies and processes in place to mitigate the chances of a breach. But the reality is that even the best protections are not infallible, and attacks are becoming more sophisticated all the time. Threats can and do get in. The question is, how would you respond?

Many businesses overlook this question and fail to consider the ‘what if’ scenario. We know that thinking about the reality of a cyber attack is unpalatable – but should the unthinkable happen, you need to be prepared. Reacting to events as they happen can lead to heat of the moment decisions which might not be the right move. By having an incident response plan in place, you and your team can be confident that you’ll be able to calmly and effectively deal with a breach – even if the chance of it happening seems unlikely.

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Incident response step-by-step

At ComputerWorld we can show you how to create a detailed cyber security incident response plan, specific to your business. In the plan we’ll help you list out every action you’d need to take when responding to a breach – including the what, how, when and who of each stage. We’ll consider everything that needs to happen, from technical measures to reporting the breach to the ICO. This will give your response team a clear, ordered sequence of steps to follow, so that they can calmly and confidently stop disaster in its tracks.

The fallout of a cyber security breach could be highly damaging to your business, so it’s important that you have trust in the plan we put together for you. We strongly recommended testing your response through dummy events – not just upon creation but regularly afterwards too. That way you can assess whether it’s still fit for purpose. ComputerWorld can provide regular testing through our Incident Response Retainer. What’s more, customers who procure this service can rest assured in the knowledge that we’re on hand at the first sign of an attack getting through.

Cyber attacks can happen at any time – if you’re facing a crisis right now and haven’t yet put an incident response plan in place then we’re ready to rush to the rescue. Contact our security specialists straight away and we’ll rapidly get to work to help you respond in the best way you can.

Prepare for the worst, accept only the best

Certified with ISO 27000 and a Cyber Essentials provider, we have proven credentials when it comes to cyber security. Knowing you have experts in your corner will provide reassurance that in the worst case scenario you have a rigorous plan to see you through.

Our approach is to make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality, so you won’t be caught off-guard. We do this by promoting the view that no plan is set in stone – but that there is scope to flex and adapt should testing uncover the need to re-evaluate.

Most importantly, we’re there with you if and when catastrophe strikes. Whether you have our ongoing support through our managed services or incident response retainer, or you’re in the midst of an attack and need a reliable company who can quickly deploy – we’re ready to step in and face threats head on as part of your team.

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