What can Microsoft 365 achieve for your business?

Most businesses use Microsoft 365 – it’s become one of the go-to workspace technologies. But its wide acceptance can also mean that businesses purchase subscriptions without really considering what they are paying for, and whether they will really use it. On the one hand, organisations can over-estimate the technology they need and over-pay as a result. On the other, they could be missing out on applications that could significantly improve workforce collaboration or speed up processes.

Like most technology providers, Microsoft are continually updating and improving what they offer. But, tied into contracts, if you don’t know what’s coming down the line, you could miss the chance to take advantage of the latest developments.

Whether you’re a large or small business, when you’re paying out for all your users, your subscription starts to add up. And, as you get bigger, getting a handle on ROI becomes more complex. Looking at the detail and examining the small efficiencies that can be unlocked can add up to big differences in financial outlay and staff productivity.

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Know the tools and how to use them

Sourcing M365 through ComputerWorld means you get all the benefit of the direct purchasing experience, with the added value of our expertise. Put simply, we can help you get the most out of your subscription and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

We can help you understand what’s included in each level of agreement and which one is right for you. We’ll come to this conclusion based on conversations about the workings of your businesses, the way your people collaborate, and any gripes with your current system (M365 or otherwise) that you feel need ironing out. Our deep-dive into the way you use Microsoft apps extends beyond Office Suite – we’ll also seek out how you could gain value from Windows OS, security and management features, as well as broader cloud capabilities in Azure.

It’s unlikely that all your employees will do the same job, or work in the same way. So, we can help you bring flexibility into your Microsoft solutions through blended subscriptions tailored to your exact requirements. This way, different licenses can be applied to different users – and you don’t have to pay out for premium subscriptions for everyone, if they are only required by a few.

Our solutions span:

  • License selection
  • Subscription optimisation
  • Ongoing management
  • Azure migration
  • Management and security
  • Complementary technologies

The Microsoft experts in your corner

When you work with us, you’re not on your own. From scoping out your requirements, to negotiating agreements and supporting the onboarding and adoption of new technology, we’re on hand at every turn to make sure M365 is fixing the problems you need it to, without surplus requirement. We’re confident we can enhance the value you’re getting from your current subscription- advising on everything from pricing plans and configuration options, to the migration of workloads to Azure should you need to.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and we’ve worked with them for over 25 years – so you can put your trust in our knowledge and expertise. Always up to speed with what’s new, we’re quick to spot fresh ways for our customers to capitalise on Microsoft technology. That’s not only through subscription selection, but also our business transformation services which audit your full ecosystem to identify opportunities for change.

Our online portal takes away the hassle of administrative tasks like billing and support – giving you visibility and control over your subscription, and an easy way to make changes if you need to. To make adopting Microsoft services simpler, we’ve created our own Microsoft Learning Platform ‘Adopt 365’ to facilitate smooth onboarding of new technology in your business and help you manage continuous improvement going forward. This is just one of the solutions we offer through our wider training and adoption services, and can form part of a specialised training programme tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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