Grow your business with confidence, knowing that ComputerWorld’s CWcare IT support and Managed Services will be there when you need it. Our extensive experience in IT means we can offer a package tailored to your needs, so that you've got the peace of mind to focus on what really matters – your business.


We offer a unique IT support and Managed Services solutions, designed to act as an extension your team. We offer 3rd and 4th line technical escalation service desk and managed services that will allow your team to focus on critical business activities rather than being distracted by keeping the lights on.

For any business, unplanned downtime is the enemy. CWcare will give you direct access to ComputerWorld’s knowledgeable and friendly team of IT experts. We offer SLA backed response times, along with telephone, on-site and remote support.

Every good business is conscious of costs, and CWcare Support Contracts are an affordable answer when it comes to IT cover. You can choose from either an all-inclusive Fixed Price up front contract great for business who want a fixed monthly cost, or Pay As You Go with a small monthly retainer and a voucher based usage system. Flexibility is the key. With CWcare, you can customise the IT cover you receive by choosing which bolt-on services form your package.

CWcare IT Support Services Based in Bristol UK

The CWcare team is comprised of professionally-trained experts, holding accreditation's from all the major IT manufacturers and vendors in the market including VMware and Microsoft. What makes them unique is that they’ll take ownership of any IT problems covered by CWcare, no matter which software and hardware products are involved.

Managed Services

Our managed services are designed to help relieve the pressure from your IT team. They offer critical services to improve security and reliability of your systems, allowing your IT team to concentrate on business critical tasks.

CWcare DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service

CWcare DRaaS is a fully managed Disaster Recover service, hosted out of accredited UK and Global data centres. CWcare DRaaS starts with our DR specialists helping create a service catalogue fully documenting the services delivered to the business and the priority they need to be made available if there should be a DR event. From here we are able to assign RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) to allow us to build the DR service to meet your businesses specific needs. Once implemented our specialists will fully monitor the replication of your workloads to the DR environment as well as working with you to plan and undertake non-disruptive DR tests to meet your needs. If the worst should happen and a DR event occurs we will work with you to fully manage the fail-over and fail-back of your business critical workloads.

CWcare vSphere Maintain - VMware vSphere Maintenance Plans

You virtual environment is responsible for keeping the up-time of your business critical systems, however prioritising critical maintenance activities is often overlooked due to time and budget pressures. VMware updates are critical as they not only help improve up-time but also ensure the security of your virtual infrastructure. Our vSphere Maintain managed service offers a bespoke maintenance plan and fully managed upgrades for your virtual infrastructure to ensure it is kept up to date, meeting the latest standards and importantly secure and reliable.

CWcare ActivAlert - Real-Time IT Monitoring 

ActivAlert takes the complexity out of monitoring and puts the business value in. It's no secret that effective monitoring is one of the most significant things an enterprise can do to increase uptime and help improve end-user satisfaction.

With CWcare ActivAlert you'll know exactly what's going on within your infrastructure so you can proactively resolve issues before they impact your business. Read the PDF below for all the unique benefits of ActivAlert.

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