Virtual Infrastructure Upgrades

Your virtual infrastructure is one of the most important components of your business IT infrastructure, it is entrusted to run your business critical systems and as such it is important that it is kept up to date, secure and at its best performance. 

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When undertaking an upgrade to your virtual infrastructure it is important that you take into consideration a number of elements to ensure a successful upgrade.

These will include

  • Hardware and Software Compatibility
  • Downtime
  • Rightsizing and Improving Performance 
  • Cost
  • and more

By upgrading your virtual environment we have found that you are able to improve performance, increase resilience and security, ease future support and even save money by right sizing your virtual machines. 

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Planning your next upgrade with ComputerWorld

Working with ComputerWorld we will take the pain out of your next upgrade by working with our proven methodology to upgrade your virtual infrastructure. We will work with you to plan how we can best help you, from offer a simple upgrade plan customised for your infrastructure to allow you to undertake the upgrade to a fully managed upgrade by the specialist team of engineers at ComputerWorld. 


We will analyse your existing infrastructure, review the configuration and performance. We will also conduct a full review of each of the hardware and software components to ensure compatibility with the upgraded hypervisor. 


Our specialist virtualisation architect will create a full upgrade plan for your infrastructure. We will take into consideration any manifacturer prerequisites, changes to offer performance improvements and upgrades to the hardware as required. 


We are able to either support you whilst you undertake your upgrade or offer a fully managed upgrade with our specialist engineers. Using the upgrade plan we will ensure that the upgrade goes smoothly with only planned downtime when required. 


Having up to date documentation is key to running any IT system. As part of any of our infrastructure upgrades we will provide updates to your documentation or provide new documentation for your freshly upgraded infrastructure. 

Hyper-v Upgrade

Hyper-V 2016 was released in October 2016 alongside the release of Windows Server 2016. Hyper-V 2016 offers a number of business benefits over previous versions of their hypervisor. 

ComputerWorld recommend all customers consider a Hyper-V upgrade to Hyper-V 2016. 

vSphere Upgrade

The current latest major version of VMware vSphere is vSphere 6.5. This was launched in October 2016 after a long period of beta testing. 

ComputerWorld advise their customers to have their virtual infrastructures on vSphere 6.X as a minimum, older versions of vSphere 5.x are now no longer supported by VMware. Schedule your vSphere upgrade now!

SAN Upgrade

Your SAN is probably one of the most critical hardware upgrades in your virtual infrastructure. SAN vendors recommend that you should keep on top of upgrades to ensure availability and security of your data, but to also ensure you get the latest and greatest functionally. 

ComputerWorld specialise in shared storage and SAN arrays, speak to our specialists about your SAN upgrade.