Organisations are seeing a growing demand for Wi-Fi. This is due to the increased desire from users to be mobile whilst working, coupled with the growth of mobile devices in the workplace. Wi-Fi is no longer an “optional extra” when it comes to providing connectivity to employees or consumers.

Companies now consider Wi-Fi critical to business operations. They increasingly turn to outsourced providers to ensure nothing is left to chance when it comes to ensuring the quality of service. Even if this means bypassing the traditional networking and IT departments.

ComputerWorld Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS) is designed to take the burden away from your IT team. It ensures an enterprise standard wireless network to your users. It is both secure and reliable, and is designed, managed and maintained by wireless networking specialists.

Why ComputerWorld uses Ruckus wireless technology


ComputerWorld Wi-Fi as a Service uses the best technology in the industry from our partner Ruckus. Ruckus wireless technology redefines what is possible with network performance. It delivers peerless flexibility and capacity and bullet-proof reliability.

Ruckus is all about high-performance, secure and reliable access to applications and services – no matter how demanding the environment. When connectivity really matters, organisations turn to Ruckus.

The BeamFlex advantage

Ruckus wireless has a number of technological advantages, including their patented BeamFlex technology.

  • BeamFlex+ technology extends WLAN coverage with fewer Access Points (APs).

  • BeamFlex smart antenna array reduces AP interference and increases signal strength.

  • BeamFlex is used on most Ruckus APs, from omnidirectional models to narrow beam models common in high-density venues.

  • The statistical gains from BeamFlex directly improves the SNR by up to 10dB.

ComputerWorld can take the strain

ComputerWorld Wi-Fi as a Service is fully monitored and maintained with a quarterly update schedule and near immediate deployment of critical patches. On top of this, we offer a quarterly service health check and reduced rate site surveys for additions to the service.

Benefits to CWcare WaaS:

  • Predictable – Today’s networks are 24/7/365, and any disruptions to service can have an immediate impact on operations, and hence productivity. Outsource the headache of providing a reliable and predictable service to ensure disruptions are eliminated. Like any cloud-based service, all you need to do is pay for ongoing maintenance and support costs.

  • Improve customer experience – Gain sophisticated location and user intelligence from location-based analytics. If your enterprise provides public Wi-Fi, engage with end consumers through location-based advertising.

  • Refocus IT – Automate your troubleshooting and network monitoring, which are areas that traditionally absorb human resources. Focus in-house IT staff on more strategic, mission-critical projects rather than business as usual.

  • Scalable – If you’re running a campus-style organisation, or provide any kind of connectivity to consumers, WaaS makes it easy to achieve economies of scale. By providing a self-fixing, self-running Wi-Fi network, your organisation can then concentrate on your core business rather than ensuring your infrastructure meets increasing demands for coverage, capacity, users, devices and applications.

  • Transfer Capex to Opex – Cost control is and will remain a dominant requirement. IT budgets have

    not really recovered from the last recession, and IT spending can now be viewed as less strategic

    and more as overhead. IT and networks remain essential, but rapid advances in technology and

    accelerating personnel costs must be dealt with more cost-effectively.


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*These costings exclude the upfront costs for professional services from the ComputerWorld team.

Thinking that WaaS may be right for your business?

There are a few next steps you can take to begin your journey to a monthly subscription of business grade Wi-Fi with no hassle or management.

  • Request a predictive site survey

  • Give the ComputerWorld team a call to discuss your specific requirements (01454 338 338)

  • Take a look at our Wi-Fi consideration questions

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